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Fireproof Coverall

Fireproof Coverall

Henan DROTEX Garments Co., Ltd is a professional uniforms and equipments manufacturer for arc preventive coveralls over 20 years. As one of Top 10 arc preventive coveralls (uniforms and equipments) manufacturer in China, we have over 20 years manufacture and service experience in garments...

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   Henan DROTEX Garments Co., Ltd is a professional uniforms and equipments manufacturer for

arc preventive coveralls  over 20 years.


As one of Top 10  arc preventive coveralls  (uniforms and equipments)manufacturer in China,

we have over 20 years manufacture and service experience in garments industry.

We produce and supply uniforms and equipment.



arc preventive coveralls have developed several different types,



arc preventive coveralls Main Parameters:



Antiflaming standard:China GB8965, European:EN11612, USA: NFPA2112 


arc preventive coveralls standard:DL/T320-2010, ASTM F1959, USA NFPA 70E HRC2


Features: arc preventive,fire resistant,absorbent,breathable,soft, durable,comfort etc.


(1)Cotton Nylon and khaki can be selected as face material such functions as oil proof
(2)rejecting water,preventing static electricity and inflame retarding can be selected
(3)size can be chosen,summer,spring and winter clothes

(4) you design and logo are welcomed


arc preventive coveralls Features: 

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