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Classification of flame Retardant fabrics
- Mar 28, 2018 -

Flame retardant fabrics According to washable standards can be divided into:

1. Permanent flame retardant Fabric 2. Washable (50 times) flame retardant fabric 3. Semi-washable flame retardant fabric 4. Flame retardant Fabrics of disposable flame retardant fabrics can be divided into:

Aramid Flame Retardant Fabric

Eco-Retardant Fabrics

All cotton flame Retardant fabric

CVC Flame Retardant Fabric

Cotton Flame Retardant Fabric

Multifunctional flame Retardant Fabric

Antistatic Fabric

Acid and alkali resistant fabric

Oil resistance

Standard for flame retardant fabrics

Flame Retardant fabrics need professional testing institutions for the fabric to do specialized testing, in Sgs,its, the National Labor Center and other testing institutions for flame-retardant fabrics made en11611,en11612,en14116,nfpa2112,astm1506,gb8965-2009b and so on a variety of tests, The fabric conforms to the above standard completely!