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Fastest Growing Area Of Consumption
- Mar 28, 2018 -

Mainly concentrated in Asia

In the 2011, the fastest-growing areas of specialty textiles were concentrated in Asia, with special textiles in the Asian market accounting for 45% of world markets.

The Chinese market will continue to have the advantage

Over the past more than 20 years, China's consumption of specialty textiles has grown by about 10% a year. In the early 2011, China's special textiles in production, investment, sales and foreign trade have increased. However, raw materials, labor costs and interest rates have curbed further growth in small and medium-sized enterprises, which have forced companies to slow sales and squeeze profit margins because of the high cost of raw materials and labour.

China's special textiles are mainly medium and lower grade products and intermediate materials, High-tech products and value-added products are still dependent on imports.

China is planning to boost growth over the next 5 years by concentrating more domestic consumption and reducing exports. Compared to the United States and Europe, China's low labor costs have the opportunity to serve the internal market of special textiles, predicting that China's specialty textile industry will continue to have advantages in the global market.

India facilitates European exporters

India's specialty textiles and nonwovens industry is highly fragmented and still in its infancy. India has no advanced technology compared to the US, Europe and China. Unlike the traditional textile industry, which has a dense import of specialty textiles, India offers a very favourable market for export-oriented manufacturers in Europe and elsewhere.

India's global market for specialty textiles was around 9% in 2010, roughly the same as in 2011. Only 33% per 67% of the products used for export are high-end.

India's textile industry (from apparel to specialty textiles) has undergone major adjustments, and the Indian apparel market is growing at twice times. The Indian government's focus is on upgrading geosynthetics and increasing the use of automotive Textiles (nonwovens).