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Fireproof Fabric
- Mar 28, 2018 -

After finishing flame retardant fabric is proban production technology, finishing products that can effectively prevent the spread of flame, but also to protect the original performance of the fabric. The performance indicators are up to GB gb8965-98 "flame retardant protective clothing" requirements, the fabric by the British test to reach the "EU EN470" welder standard and the European Community, the United States, Britain and other countries fire retardant cloth requirements.

The fabric has good washing resistance, non-toxic without odor, safe and reliable for human body, breathable and breathable, soft feel, comfortable to wear. Applicable to metallurgy, machinery, forestry, fire and other industries to produce flame retardant protective clothing, but also for hotels, restaurants, theaters theater decorative cloth. Xinxiang New Star Special Fabric Co., Ltd. is engaged in the early special functional protective fabric research and development, production of specialized enterprises. Leading products have a variety of flame-retardant fabrics, fire-resistant fabrics, flame retardant cloth, anti-static, acid-base, radiation, oil and water repellent, anti-ultraviolet, waterproof and multi-functional composite fabrics.