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How to make the flame retardant fabric
- Dec 13, 2018 -

1. One of the reasons why these fabrics can achieve the "flame retardant" effect is the fiber contained in the fabric, which is a high-tech fiber new material with flame retardant and anti-dropping properties. For example, cotton flame retardant fabrics, cotton flame retardant fabrics are flame retardant fabrics made of flame retardant processing on the basis of cotton dyed fabrics, all cotton flame retardant flat cloth, cotton flame retardant yarn card, all Cotton flame retardant tribute and cotton flame retardant canvas. This fiber is applied to the latest sol-gel technology, which makes the inorganic polymer flame retardant exist in the nano-state or in the interpenetrating network state of the viscose fiber organic macromolecule, which not only ensures the excellent physical properties of the fiber, but also It achieves the characteristics of low smoke, no toxicity, no odor, no melting and dripping.

flame retardant fabric

2, the flame retardant fabric can achieve the "flame retardant" effect of the second reason in the production of fabrics, fabrics in the finishing, will use flame retardants. The use of flame retardants is to make the fibers such as cotton and wool fibers have flame retardant properties after flame retardant finishing, and the research on flame retardancy of fibers such as flame retardant polyester and flame retardant aramid fibers is synthetic fiber resistance. Combustion modification research. The aramid flame retardant fiber is an aromatic polyamide type and is a poly-m-phenylene isophthalamide fiber. Aramid flame retardant fiber products have soft hand feeling, good fluffiness, drapability, moisture absorption and permeability, high strength, abrasion resistance, drapability, good fabric finish, color fastness, and no fire carbonization. Excellent characteristics such as melt drop to meet the quality requirements of high and medium grade flame retardant garments and decorative fabrics.