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Maintenance of special fabrics
- Mar 28, 2018 -

After the maintenance of the reverse finish, and then the composite of the front fabric, the same to carry out maintenance treatment, it is worth noting that the positive composite, the pros and cons of the fabric to the Zes, as far as possible to avoid serious weft, straight twist and other phenomena. Need to emphasize is that the composite fabric, can not be compounded, even if the use of material stripping, will greatly affect the fabric of the yarn, will become more and more hard, and in sewing garments, fabric is very easy to be needle broken. Because the adhesive is used in chemical materials, for nylon fabrics, there will be a certain physical reaction, so we recommend that customers use polyester fabrics, can effectively control the composite fabric before the color and composite color, as well as water pressure, breathable index has a certain impact. Composite fabrics often have to appear side road is not neat, so must be required to cut the compound factory processing, so that the garment factory is conducive to cutting. The width of cloth is wider than that of cotton woven fabric.