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What is modacrylic fabric?
- Nov 14, 2018 -
The modacrylic fabric is also known as the Molyk flame-retardant fabric, which is made of a modified acrylic fiber with its own flame retardant properties. The copolymer obtained by copolymerizing acrylonitrile and vinyl chloride is dissolved in acetone. Then, it is obtained by dry spinning or wet spinning. It was first produced by U.S. Union Carbide in 1949. Since it has a vinyl chloride content of 50% to 60%, it has good flame retardancy and self-extinguishing properties. The modacrylic and acrylic fibers are very similar, but the modacrylic fibers themselves have a lower melting point and higher chemical and fire resistance, so the flame retardancy of the modacrylic fabric does not decrease with time and the number of washings.


35-85% of the deformed acrylic material is acrylonitrile and is also called vinyl cyanide. The main reason for its manufacture is to improve the overall performance of the acrylic fiber.
The variability of acrylic fibers is produced by polymerizing different components. The solution dissolved in acetone is pressed into a constant temperature columnar air, during which the solution will condense again into a solid which can be drawn into fibers at high temperatures.
These fibers can be processed into bundles of filaments of varying length, crimp and fiber. The degree of shrinkage of the modacrylic fiber is controllable, so this property also helps us to control the shrinkage of the fabric at the time of production.

modacrylic flame retardant fabric

Fiber specification

The modacrylic fiber is generally cut into short fibers or broken to make a top.

Short fibers: 1.4D×38mm, 1.5D×38mm, 5D×89/140mm, 8D×89/140mm, 10D×127mm, etc.;
Regular strip: 3D × 70 ~ 127mm, 3D × 102mm, 3D × 76 ~ 127mm, 3D × 76 ~ 102mm, etc.;
Mixed strip: 3D×95mm, 3D×76mm, 3D×102mm, 3D×152mm, 3D×76~127mm;
Expanded strip: 3D × 152mm, 3D × 85mm, 3D × 97.5mm, etc.;
From the gloss point of view: no light, half light, light three.


Because the fabric is a raw material type flame retardant material, it has good permanent flame retardant properties and arc resistance;

It can effectively prevent metal spatter and sparks;
Permanent antistatic properties;
The denatured acrylic fabric treated by fluorescent dyeing has good high visual performance;
Excellent comfort and washability;
Excellent mechanical and wear resistance