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What is special fabric?
- Mar 28, 2018 -

Special fabric is to protect the safety of the staff engaged in special industries, including flame-retardant fabrics, oil-resistant fabrics, fire-resistant fabrics, waterproof fabrics, anti-static fabrics, acid and alkali fabrics, wrinkle-free hot, self-cleaning, anti-infrared reconnaissance, anti-ultraviolet, wear-resistant, warm and other special features of the fabric.

Scope of application: the use of a wide range of daily use, convenient, clean stains, hot water does not hurt.

Domestic can produce one or several special fabrics manufacturers more, all provinces have printing and dyeing factory can produce, of which, can produce waterproof and oil-resistant fabrics are more common, followed by anti-wrinkle free hot, anti-static, flame retardant fabrics, a variety of special fabrics can produce many manufacturers, in a fabric can have a variety of functions at the same time manufacturers less, The main reason is that several special fabrics have conflicting requirements for preparation.

The textile industry uses the special fabric finishing agent to import most, has the Teflon, 3M, Nova and so on, the domestic price is low, must try again after the massive use.

The same fabric with a variety of functions at the same time is the market expectations of the products, generally is a separate use of a function, such as anti-static, precision Instrument industry, petrochemical industry use more, flame-retardant fabric or welder overalls use more, waterproof oil or catering, food processing industry use more Can assemble a variety of functions in one of the technology Weifang Double Jubilee company can do, but to try again after a lot of use.

The use of special fabrics on the market is limited or by the impact of the price is greater, the production of special fabrics will increase costs, reflected in clothing, will generally increase the range of 50-100 yuan/set.

The production of special fabrics is mainly domestic, the export volume is increasing every year, most of the foreign printing and dyeing plants are closed because of the pollution environment, the production capacity is small, is a good business opportunity.