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How To Wash Anti Static Coverall
- Nov 26, 2018 -

Anti-static overalls materials are special, washing methods also have certain requirements, we can use full-effect laundry liquid or anti-static special laundry detergent for washing, local stain cleaning method: when the clothes are dry, use the full-effect laundry liquid to smear on the stains At the site, completely cover the stains, leave it for 5 minutes (can be gently rinsed), and add a full-effect laundry detergent for routine washing. For the overall cleaning method of anti-static overalls: you can use the full-effect laundry liquid as normal clothes to clean. After washing in anti-static clothing, it can be soaked with softener, and the clothes will be more supple after washing, and the anti-static effect is better.

Anti static coverall

Anti-static clothing washing method:

  • When washing, the water temperature should be below 30 °C, plus 1 g of neutral soap or enzyme-free detergent per kg of clothing, the bath ratio is not more than 1:40, and the light washing method is adopted to avoid excessive friction and cause antistatic performance to decrease.

  • After washing, it needs to be air-dried by the sun, or air-dried at 150 °C for 2 minutes, or dried at 150 °C for more than 4 minutes.

  • Store dry and ventilated to avoid mechanical or chemical damage.

  • Metal accessories must not be used when making overalls. When using (buttons, zippers), the metal accessories should not be exposed directly when worn.

  • It is forbidden to attach or wear any metal objects on clothing when wearing overalls, and it is forbidden to wear them in flammable and explosive places.