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Key Factors Affecting American Special Textile Industry
- Mar 28, 2018 -


The security and protection textiles used by troops, firefighters and law enforcement personnel are covered by the military. The military impact of textiles on safety and protection will continue into 2012 years. While textile and apparel consumption fell by 10% in 2011, the US Defence Logistics Agency (DLA) said the U.S. military's consumption of textiles and clothing was still significant in 2012.


The geosynthetics used in the construction of the United States increase 5%~6% annually. In 2011, however, the geosynthetics used in the construction fell by 3%-5% and are expected to continue to fall by 2%-3% in 2012. About 50 companies in the U.S. market produce geosynthetics, including Geotextiles and Geogrid, which can control soil erosion and build roads and other infrastructure.

Transport industry

In dollar terms, it is not hard to see that the main factor affecting special textiles is traffic-the car and light vehicle market. In 2010, sales of light vehicles reached 116,000 vehicles, and in 2011, light vehicles sold about 127,000 vehicles. The market looks like the main source of growth for the American specialty textile industry, with each new light vehicle using an average of 28 square metres of special textiles.


The entertainment market includes awnings and ship fabrics. A key issue of economic growth is the recovery of the market, which is less expensive to replace than the replacement. One of the main reasons for slowing U.S. and Canadian growth in the 2011 residential awning and Canopy markets is the tepid housing sales, which are expected to continue for another 3 years.

2011, the United States and Canada ship textile market has improved significantly, the ship's high-end products market rose about 4%~5%, in part because of the existing ships have been refurbished and upgraded. Sales of OEM (initial equipment manufacturer) markets were only 1%~2% growth for the first time in 5 years, but ship manufacturers said they believed 2011 sales had changed better than in previous years.