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Special Textiles: Global Influence In Asian Markets
- Mar 28, 2018 -

The U.S. economic recovery in 2011 is still tough, but will improve in 2012, an improvement that will spur demand for the US special textiles industry. In addition, the U.S. economy will still face many challenges in the 2012, although the European debt crisis will not drag the global economy into recession, but market confidence remains relatively fragile. At the same time, China is seeking new measures to support economic growth.

2012 Global Special Textiles estimated growth of 4%

The global market for special textiles grew by about 2.5%~3% in 2010 due to improved economic conditions around the world. 2011, due to global GDP growth, the year's Global special textile market growth of about 2.5%~4%, the 2012 Global Special Textile market is expected to increase by 4%.

According to Nielsen's Global consumer confidence index, global consumers are still more concerned about the labor market, personal finance, credit crunch, and whether they have the ability to buy what they want or need, with the exception of the Asia-Pacific region and the Middle East. Still, weak economic figures, Asian inflation, the strengthening of the European debt crisis and political instability in the Middle East, coupled with increased spending by American households, have seriously hurt consumer confidence in the market.

2011 Overall business and sales environment improved

In the United States in the 2011, as a result of the participation of many industry participants, the overall business and sales environment of the year was improved. Moreover, during the year, even manufacturers working in traditional markets are earning more than they did in 2010. This growth is particularly evident in the shipping market, which in 2011 bounced back only 7% per cent in 2010 and grew by around 4%.

Residential and non-domestic buildings in the United States fell by about 2% and 2.8% respectively in 2011, a decline that inhibited the growth in sales of awnings, fabrics used in buildings, and geosynthetics.

The US real estate Market Index Association says consumers are still wary of rebuilding their homes. While homeowners may be interested in rebuilding jobs, such as rebuilding awnings, they are only on the basis of interest, and they have a wait-and-see attitude towards rebuilding.

2011, the U.S. special textile industry sales increased by about 1.5%. Sales of highly processed products (including specialty textiles) in the United States are expected to increase by more than 2011 per year, 2%~3% 2012-2013.

Many industry participants have been working hard over the past few years, and these efforts have led to a marked improvement in the sales and profitability of special textiles in the 2011, all without their efforts to revamp their business to meet today's challenges.