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What Should We Do Before The Fire Accident
- May 28, 2018 -

Rescue workers, investigators, and media persons resorted to wear masks to fight unbearable smell coming from the garments factory where over 289 people were roasted to death Tuesday. However, a 64-year-old father needed no such arrangements as his eyes kept looking for his young son who was burnt alive in one of the biggest tragedies ever hit the nation. Mohammad Ismail, a retired government teacher living in Orangi Town an area widely populated by poor working class, had his only son Imtiaz Mohammad working at the Ali Enterprises, which produced denim, knitted garments and hosiery. Ismail, in front of the factory, said "He was everything for me. After him my world has become dark. We were preparing for his marriage but fire finished everything." The Wednesday's fire not only scourged the factory located in Karachi's industrial area of Baldia Town but a huge loss of life left a barrage of questions unanswered. This accident happened in 2012, but we will never forget. However,the really question is what we should do before the accident. We should respond not only for ourselves, but also every life.